Imagine a land in a time long forgotten. A great warrior named Gastan grew up mastering the sword. At the age of twenty, he leaves his father, to find his own destiny.

On his quest he saves the princess Ariana from certain death. Gastan becomes the King's personal knight. He is challenged against sorcerers, witches, dragons, trolls, corrupt clergymen and rivals from across The Forbidden Sea.

The Adventures Of Gastan is the story of one man's journey to do what is right while surrounded by so much loss.

  • The Foreboding Fear1:13

Gastan and his men rode fast

The wind whipping through their hair

In the distance was smoke and flames

The smell of death was in the air

Gastan raised his sword up to fight

They began to quicken their speed 

Quevor's band saw them coming

Fast and furious, Gastan in the lead

The sound of metal to metal

Crashed out into the night

Gastan stayed upon his horse

Displaying all of his might

As he was riding and looking

Someone stabbed his stead

Gastan lunged forward

Falling with great speed

He got up off the ground

In the middle he did stand

Looking for his first opponent

Standing, sword in hand

Then Gastan saw his man

He came charging at full force

Gastan took off his head

Punishment for killing his horse